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Remember that I was all jealous when E. went on an ill-fated scooter ride but got to see cute monkeys? A few days ago, we went to Nandi Hills with a couple of friends and their amazing dog.  I expected … Continue reading

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I do not understand why Google Maps can never give me proper directions from my house in Texas to the Houston Museum of Natural History (it doesn’t understand traffic around Hermann Circle), but can find anything in rural India.  We … Continue reading

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Another trip to France, another funeral. My grandmother passed away while I was there. I avoided some of the scorching heat of May by going back home for business. Summers here are hot as hell. There, I said it: hot … Continue reading

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All fun and games, it’s not.  We sometimes feel like we were parachuted here with a basic survival kit (a roof over our head) but not much beyond that.  We are not here on vacation, E. has a job to … Continue reading

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Two Americans spotted at the Bannerghatta National Park

“Dear Diary, today we went to Bannerghatta National Park.  We saw some tigers, elephants, crocodiles and two Americans.  It was great.  We have pictures of all of them.  The Americans even smiled for the camera.”  No kidding, this is probably … Continue reading

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Meet Chotha

There is a little monkey hanging out at the hotel.  He’s the only one.  And he’s so cute!  We first saw him around the pool, jumping, running, chewing on leaves, and I believe he was being a show off.  He … Continue reading

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