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A very last minute decision, and we got to see the Taj Mahal on Thanksgiving morning. Because of his surgery, E. wasn’t supposed to get on a plane for another few weeks (you can follow his brand-new blog at BariatricVindaloo.com). … Continue reading

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I am so proud!  One of the photos E. took in Mumbai is used in a website, and with his permission, a rare event in India, where intellectual property rights are about as enforced as women’s rights. We had gone … Continue reading

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We live off the tourists’ beaten path.  Nobody who’s traveled to India for fun comes back saying: “I went to Bangalore, man, that was so rad…”  Ok, I may be using some old hippy stereotype here, and I don’t think … Continue reading

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We were in Mumbai for a few days and became full tourists again, as opposed to our regular status of “expats” in Bangalore. Mumbai is more cosmopolitan than Bangalore, has more Ambassador cars, more beggars, more disciplined drivers, more visible … Continue reading

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Two Americans spotted at the Bannerghatta National Park

“Dear Diary, today we went to Bannerghatta National Park.  We saw some tigers, elephants, crocodiles and two Americans.  It was great.  We have pictures of all of them.  The Americans even smiled for the camera.”  No kidding, this is probably … Continue reading

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