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Some people you meet make a lasting impact, some random encounters change how you view the world, and how you view yourself, people “sent from above” when you’re having a rough time, to remind you of life’s true value, and values. … Continue reading

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We like our maid. She’s sweet, and she’s drama free. Probably because she doesn’t speak much English.  A few months ago, she came to our door after I posted a “wanted” ad on our compound’s forum. Within a few seconds, … Continue reading

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It takes a lot of patience and “in your head cursing” to survive India. The dryer got fixed on Tuesday.  It took them several days to find time to come to our house, but they finally did.  Twice.  A first … Continue reading

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I am home

The feeling that you’re about to enter another world starts in Frankfurt.  You’re waiting to get on a plane for India, and you know which gate your flight leaves from by looking at the people waiting in the area.  You … Continue reading

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