How to (almost) kill your phone on Holi

She said I looked too clean.  She took my hand and walked me a few feet away closer to the crowd.  We danced together for about a minute.  Three to four women then pushed me to the ground and rolled me into the wet slushy red mud, laughing hysterically.  One lady removed my glasses, another my phone from my pants pocket.  They continued to dance.  I got up, laughed a lot and continued to dance, jump, laugh and twirl.  They all pointed at me when singing the title song “Desi Girl” that the DJ was playing.  Ironic since Desi means “from the Indian subcontinent” and I was the only white person there.  I have been called “Desi” before, and I like it!  We took silly selfies though I have no idea who those ladies on the pictures are. I was ordered to let loose, and I did.  This is what Woodstock must have felt like, minus the illegal substances.

This is Holi for you, the Indian festival of colors.  A clean adult sterilized version of it. This was not in the streets where it gets much wilder, but on what used to be the manicured lawn behind the pool in our new compound.  It was the party organized by the homeowners’ association, and from what I could see, all people were having a grand time, probably helped by a fair amount of Kingfishers being consumed.  Everybody was soaking wet. I mean drenched.  Because of Bangalore’s red earth, we were colored in various shades of orange.  A few had patches of bright colors, mainly pink and green.  I managed to escape that since I had heard about the harmful effects of the chemicals that may be hidden in those powders.  They had a great buffet, a DJ and water cannons spraying into the air, turning the lawn into a mosh pit.  I do wonder how long it will take the grass to recover. 

I ate some yummy nimbles and came back home, I was getting cold.  That was one good day.

Until later when my phone decided to act up due to serious water exposure.  No sound, which renders a phone pretty useless.  I sulked for a day, especially since I had been careful not to bring the cameras to the event so as not to damage them.  I told E. if my phone could not be repaired I would use his, and he could upgrade to the newer version.  Then someone told me to put it on a slightly warm surface.  After placing it overnight on the cable box, I am happy to report that my hubby is not getting the Iphone 6.  

Sorry honey!

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3 Responses to How to (almost) kill your phone on Holi

  1. Haha! Actually – when done early enough, sticking your phone into a bowl full of rice does wonders! My Samsung Galaxy survived a dunking this way. 🙂 Alas, previously my old blackberry took a dive into a friends drink for an indeterminate amount of time and was past the point where it could be revived.

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