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It’s a teapot, not a real cat. An ugly teapot. The kitschiest, nastiest thing on earth. It’s filthy, still has the tea ring inside proving it was once used as intended, and has a perpetual frown due to being hand … Continue reading

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I am alone in the house, with our little kitten who is sleeping in my carry-on. Little does she know she will be in her carrier for 20 some odd hours, on her way back to Texas. My checked luggage … Continue reading

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We temporarily added a kitten to our family, 280 grams of purring fur. We didn’t keep him, but I spent five wonderful sleepless nights, and days, being a Kitty Mommy and feeding the monster every two hours. It all started … Continue reading

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Our big cat is getting fat.  She wasn’t small to begin with and even had to go on a diet before boarding the plane since “(cat+carrier)<18 pounds”, or we couldn’t take her as carry on.  But she slowly packed those … Continue reading

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We live off the tourists’ beaten path.  Nobody who’s traveled to India for fun comes back saying: “I went to Bangalore, man, that was so rad…”  Ok, I may be using some old hippy stereotype here, and I don’t think … Continue reading

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We were in Mumbai for a few days and became full tourists again, as opposed to our regular status of “expats” in Bangalore. Mumbai is more cosmopolitan than Bangalore, has more Ambassador cars, more beggars, more disciplined drivers, more visible … Continue reading


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T’was the night before Christmas

… and I have a sore throat!  It’s cold at night these days.  I know you guys in the North East of the U.S. are laughing at me since you’re in the midst of the nth  blizzard of the decade, … Continue reading

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I was peed on!

We went for a walk through the backstreets.  Very back streets, unpaved, dirt roads, full of smiling people.  We hopped on a tuk tuk, gave him the general direction of where we wanted to go, had him drop us off … Continue reading

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Immigrants and cookies

Up at 6:30 to be at the immigration office at 7:45.  It’s called the Foreign Regional Registration Office or FRRO for short.  It takes at least an hour to drive to downtown Bangalore but if you leave early you can … Continue reading

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Country of residence? India

We made it.  All of us.  And all four of us seem happy. At the hotel this morning: “Could we bring plates to our room to put the cat food please? Sure, no problem Madam.”  They come back a few … Continue reading

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