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Miss Dumpling and speaking Mandarin

I don’t speak any Chinese. My vocabulary consists of 5 spoken words (hello, thank you, small, big and tea) and 4 written characters (person, big, middle and small). I get along fine. I gesture a lot, point to what I … Continue reading

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My hubby got a shot

No, my husband did not get shot.  He got a shot.  By a doctor.  A Chinese doctor.  In China.  Because apparently we have a thing for visiting medical facilities in emerging countries.  Not as visitors, but as patients.  That’s what … Continue reading

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Welcome to Beijing

3:47 am.  I am wide awake.  Jet lag.  Welcome to Beijing! I landed last night, after the longest flight I have ever taken.  Thirteen hours and forty minutes, beating my previous 12-hour flight.  I made it in one piece, after … Continue reading

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Meditation in the Nilgiris

I have never been really good at meditation. The minute I am told to “let go”, “don’t think”, my mind starts making laundry lists of things to do. A few decades ago I bought guiding tapes and recently downloaded apps, … Continue reading

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And then there were five

We temporarily added a kitten to our family, 280 grams of purring fur. We didn’t keep him, but I spent five wonderful sleepless nights, and days, being a Kitty Mommy and feeding the monster every two hours. It all started … Continue reading

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Jadoo the puppy

On Saturday night, we found a puppy, or more exactly, a puppy found me. We were walking towards our compound’s park when I almost stepped on a furball. Apparently he had been following me for a while. Forgetting our ironclad … Continue reading

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Shifting and the rain

February 28th, first rain of the season. Nice smell, wet grass, a dash of wet dust too. It will clean the streets a bit. It will create havoc for some who live on the street or in the blue tents. … Continue reading

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New house with wet kitchen

We are moving. The noise level, which as always been a problem, has become unbearable, day and night, and will not get any better for years to come. We do not, cannot sleep well, which is affecting our moods. We … Continue reading

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Where’s the curry?

There is no such thing as curry. India is not the land of curry. Curry is not the national dish of India.  You cannot buy a jar of curry powder. There is no curry here. This is only half true. … Continue reading

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Room 310 Nova Speciality Hospital

When you move to a land far, far away, you have to put your life as you know it on hold for a while. One important change is how you manage your health. As you know, a company nurse scared … Continue reading

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