T’was the night before Christmas

… and I have a sore throat!  It’s cold at night these days.  I know you guys in the North East of the U.S. are laughing at me since you’re in the midst of the nth  blizzard of the decade, but trust me, it gets nippy after dark.  As in in the low 60’s.  Ha!  You can make fun of me all you want, there is one thing to keep in mind: you guys have blankets.  We brought… a sheet.  That’s it.  When I am trying to pull the blankets over my head to keep warm, I get … nothing.  So, we went shopping.  Again.  And once again I didn’t want to go to the mall or the “big” store, because I had seen some amazing blanket-looking things for sale on the side of the road.  I had even seen one on the road to Mysore when we were here in the spring, and have wanted one ever since.  Got it!!  We didn’t buy it on the sidewalk but from a little bitty store, and I haggled a bit.  Haggling is something I do not like, it makes me feel cheap.  But I admit I get a kick out of lowering the price a few hundred rupees (in the case of the blanket) or a few rupees (in the case of costume jewelry).

Blanket man

Blanket man

Here we are December 24th and we have had to close all the windows to the house to keep the temperature up.  Another thing you guys have and we don’t: a heater.  The house is not heated.  These days, I sleep with socks on, and one of our fur balls is volunteering her services as a scarf, purring included.

Merry Christmas y’all!


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