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Six months and a guest post

Six months ago today, we landed, not on the Moon, but in India, which is about the same for an American!  We were in completely unchartered territory, but with the help of some amazing people, first at the Taj Vivanta … Continue reading

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India, the largest democracy in the world

Today is Election Day in our state of Karnataka.  India will soon have a new Prime Minister.  The nationwide results will be known on May 16 but I do not know when the new person will take power. I have … Continue reading

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Our big cat is getting fat.  She wasn’t small to begin with and even had to go on a diet before boarding the plane since “(cat+carrier)<18 pounds”, or we couldn’t take her as carry on.  But she slowly packed those … Continue reading

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Dubai is the opposite of India. Dubai is clean. Dubai is rich. Oh, so rich.  A 800 Series BMW is a taxi, a poor man’s car.  A Lamborghini starts to show your true rank.  You drive a Porsche?  I am … Continue reading

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The vinaigrette experiment

For my birthday this year, I decided to treat myself to a rejuvenation session. The next decade is fast approaching and it’s time to, as Cher sings, turn back ti-i-i-me. Our driver had hinted several times at an ayurvedic spa … Continue reading

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