Eight hours later, I have chai

I have now been waiting for the electrician for more than 8 hours.  “Something whatever whatever, Madam”.  Nevermind.

Why the electrician again?

On Monday afternoon when the cook came, I decided to stop the dryer since the kitchen had become a sauna.  The exhaust of the dryer blows back the heat inside the house, more precisely inside the kitchen, which renders it pretty inhospitable.  So, as a courtesy to the lady, I switched it off.  And saw this:


Not good.  This outlet was installed after we moved in, because the previous one didn’t have enough capacity for this type of appliance (don’t ask me any more details, I don’t know).  Therefore this is a brand new outlet, installed by professionals for this unique purpose.  But poof.  Why didn’t it trip instead of burning?  I don’t know.  Surprised? No.

After our cook left, I thought it would be a good idea to finish drying the towels.  I tried to unplug the cord.  And saw this:


Even worse.

However, today, while waiting for the Award Winning Master Electrician that works in our complex (no no, I am not kidding, this guy has won awards.  What for?  I don’t know, but I have a few suggestions to make!), I learned to make chai, the famous Indian tea.  Our cook showed me again yesterday, since my first attempt at replicated her instructions about a month ago resulted in brown tasteless milky tea.  Yesterday, I took pictures, which she thought was hilarious, and this afternoon, I nailed it!

Put ¾ cup water in a saucepan and heat until you start seeing baby bubbles.

Add 1 ½ tsp black loose tea.

Start boiling.  Yes, boil.  Don’t do it the British way.  BOIL THE TEA!

Add 4 green cardamom pods that you smush in a mortar just enough to open the pods.  Don’t make a puree of it.

And 1 inch ginger that you also smush, but not together with the cardamom.

Boil until you get a nice dark brown color.

Add ¾ cup milk, and sugar to taste.  It’s better to add the sugar now than in your cup at the end.

Bring to a boil, then simmer for about 5 minutes.  You will have a skin on the milk.

Strain and slurp.  I really mean slurp, it taste much better this way!

It’s now time to go on a hunt for a fire extinguisher.

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4 Responses to Eight hours later, I have chai

  1. amandakocz says:

    That’s some plug meltdown! I’m glad to hear it had a positive side effect though 🙂

  2. kismet says:

    Delicious masala chai 😀

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