It’s official

It’s now official, we are moving to India.  I am so excited that I cried!!!!

I need to start a list of things to do before we leave:

  • Get visas.
  • Get medical stuff in order.  That’s a long list of doctors to see.  India has wonderful doctors but my understanding is that they have poor facilities and not much access to drugs (the legal kind).  So I want to have every mole, every wrinkle, every nook and cranny checked before we go.
  • Load up on prescription medicine, including OTC meds such as painkillers.  We were told they are prohibitively expensive in India.  And I need my Aleve.
  • Get shots.  Do you know how much I hate shots?  I hate them a lot, I really do.
  • Find the legal way to get the cats into India.  Get their vet papers in order.  They will be flying with us as a carry-on luggage.  Yes Ma’am.
  • Decide what to take and what to leave.  That will be fairly easy since we’re hoping for a furnished apartment (they say “flat” right?) and we’re not moving there forever. My winter coats will have to hang in the closet for a while.  I guess I am getting a new tailored-made wardrobe!!! (Stephanie, send me your measurements!).  So, we’re bringing basic computers, photography equipment, what else?
  • Get in touch with every Indian person we know and ask for advice.  In the Bay Area, that’s a lot of people who will be giving us advice!
  • Learn a few words of Hindi and Telugu.  Hindi courses are easy to find.  Telugu? Not so much; no Rosetta Stone for Telugu.

And keep calm; everything is going to be alright!

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