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You read about it in the expat books but it doesn’t prepare you much. You hear about the problems you will have with your maid but it’s always from the point of view of the employer, poor victim taken advantage … Continue reading

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We are moving. The noise level, which as always been a problem, has become unbearable, day and night, and will not get any better for years to come. We do not, cannot sleep well, which is affecting our moods. We … Continue reading

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I have never liked the word expat. It sounds funny: ecs-pah-t. And it’s not even a real word, it’s short for expatriate, “out of your country”, in other words, emigrant. But in fact, it means a lot more. It means … Continue reading

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Accident on Friday night

It wasn’t any of us this time, but it was really bad. We were coming back from a wonderful dinner not too far from home. It was about midnight (we closed the restaurant, something I hadn’t done in a long … Continue reading

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