The tiniest illegal immigrants

Does a bacteria need a visa to enter the US?

It’s been a rough couple of days for E.

Flights from Bangalore to Europe, usually to Frankfurt or London leave around 3am.  It has once taken me 45 minutes just to go through security, so we leave the house around 11:30.  It can take a little more than an hour to reach the airport at night.

Tummy gurgling.

The line at security was short, so he got to hang out at the airport.  Then he slept on the plane until Frankfurt.

Tummy still gurgling.

This time, security idiots at FRA were nice and all went smoothly.  E. got to hang out at the lounge, enjoying free drinks and munchies.

And onto the second plane.  Only a few hours before being home.  One long stretch but nothing a few inflight movies and food won’t make tolerable.

Plane delayed 15 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, mechanical problems, plane delayed indefinitely.  Flight canceled.  There we go, it would have been too easy.

Get assigned onto a new flight to Boston, spend the night there and fly to Houston.

Where’s the bathroom?

United Airlines, because they are who they are, provided a free night in a hotel 40 miles from the hotel.  And a food voucher for $7.00.  Have you tried to get food at an airport for 7 bucks?  Not much sleep but an American toilet is nice.

Finally home.  Without luggage of course.  It will take 3 days for all the pieces of luggage to reach destination.

Really upset tummy and now a fever of 102.

Time to go on WebMD.  He’s gonna die!  You’re always going to die when you check your symptoms on WebMD.  He feared malaria, I feared cholera.

Thanks to the nightmarish hospitals in the US, a lot of “doc in a box” have sprung around the country, one very close to our house.  State of the art I was told, even with an MRI machine.  After blood tests and a diagnostic of infectious colitis, they put my husband on an IV drip for a while, sent him home with a prescription for antibiotics and ibuprofen for the fever.  It cost a bit more than his last hospital visit, but all is fine.

And you thought expat life was all glamour!

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