Cabbage the dog, and other pictures

There once was a dog

Who lived in a village

All white and scruffy

We’ll call him Cabbage*

One day while chilling

He saw strangers parking

They were white and stupid

On their phone googling

Cabbage came running

Scared the woman livid

She froze in place hoping

Not to become rabid

The nice lady close by

Yelled at Cabbage real loud

He lifted his leg high

Peed on the scooter all proud

* I called him Cabbage simply because it rythmes with “village”!  The problem with having a dog mark its territory on your scooter is that all the dogs you will encounter from now on will go into a frenzy.  And India has a lot of stray dogs.  That was for the least fun part of this afternoon.  Here’s a picture of him, he’s sitting on the left.  The nice lady is in front of him, the daughter in front of the house.  We gave her a bottle of water.  We give bottled water to a lot of people we meet on the road.


Otherwise, the landscape was beautiful, as usual, though we ate a lot of dust.


Indian colors, especially at sunset, are just incredible (click to enlarge).

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