We found the mud crabs

Three weeks ago in Mumbai, we had seen a lot of men and young boys digging through mud on the beach, looking for something I thought were crabs and fish (previous post).

Good news: we found the crabs, though they were in Kochi!  The coastal areas in town are pretty much bordered with sludge, it’s not very pretty.  I need to research the reason behind it.

Kochi seaside with sludge

Kochi seaside with sludge

While sitting by the “beach”, drinking lime ginger soda, we saw little critters coming out from under the rocks.

Coastal restaurant

Coastal restaurant with view on sludge

In a 20-minute span, we saw probably about 30 of them, most of them dark brown, others with red colors.  They were approximately 2 inches from claw to claw.

You can find baskets of crabs for sale at the fish market but they are a bit bigger.  The smaller ones we saw are probably mainly bird food, not human food.

Mud crab

Mud crab

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