The international language of screaming

No no, not me, not yet, I am still cool as a cucumber, enjoying every minute of this amazing country.

But I still don’t have a phone.

It was supposed to take 2-3 days.  It’s been 14 days.  It was tomorrow, then this evening Madam, promised.  Then there was the Diwali festival, so Madam you understand.  Of course.  Then we will call you for confirmation.  They don’t call.  I stay put in my (superb) hotel room.  No call.  No confirmation.  Silence.

All of this was done with the help of the wonderful hotel staff who crossed the street numerous times into the nearby mall to go to Airtel and get them to do their job.  They included their friends since one of the hotel staff used to work for Airtel.  Nothing.  No phone.  No service.

Oh, yesterday, miracle, we get the confirmation phone call.  Not one but two.  Yeah!  Things are moving along!!  Tomorrow morning Madam we come to the hotel to do a physical confirmation.  Huh??  It better not be…  But of course, no one shows up.

Accompanied by a hotel representative, after getting a pass to go inside the ITPL, we get to see real people at Airtel.  After going over the normal reasons as to why it has been 14 days since I applied, and paid, for a phone, they are stumped.  They call each other, and though they speak Kannada, language of which I understand not a word, it is very clear that the young guy is telling his counterpart to stop with the excuses and do the needful (yes), since all my documents are in order.  Mister manager comes around, takes the phone and starts screaming at the person on the other side!!  You do no make false promises to my customer.  She is in front of me.  She has all the documents.  You did not do your job.  You are making me look bad.  If the application is incorrect, you start again but you do not let it go on forever.  Get to work!!!!!

Then he hangs up and smiles.

I am supposed to have a working phone by tonight.

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3 Responses to The international language of screaming

  1. Karolyn Cooper says:

    Hope you get your phone!

  2. Sally says:

    And do you have a phone?

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