Tuk Tuk… the video game

Tuk tuks are fun.  They are everywhere.  They are green and yellow and will take you anywhere.  Voom voom, they zoom through traffic.  Honk honk, they go where they want.

Tuk tuk number one belongs to a nice man who speaks very good English.  We zoom through town, go to stores, voom.  We are driving in a video game.  We get two points for every cow in the street, one point for a dog, minus one point for every guy urinating in public.  Zoom.  Vooom vooooooom.  Honk.  I wave at people in the street, at people in buses, at people in cars.  In return, I get waves, giggles, smiles (in the States I would have been flipped the bird at least once).  Voom.  We’re having a blast.

Vooom. Voooooooom. Honk.

Voom.  Voom.  Putt. Voom. Putt Putt. Voom. Putt. Nothing.

Crap.  He ran out of gas.  And disappears.  Great.  We are on the side of the road, in a stranded tuk tuk, with no driver, in rush hour.  And night is falling.  Luckily we are stranded in front of a police station so we feel pretty safe.  After a few minutes, the driver comes back with another tuk tuk driver and simply transfers us to his colleague.

Voom Voom Honk, tuk tuks are dhoom.


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3 Responses to Tuk Tuk… the video game

  1. Steve says:

    I’m willing to bet that E. will want to buy a tuk tuk to take home to San Jose and Houston. I only say that because I wanted one to take home after riding them in Sri Lanka.

  2. We have already had talks about getting a scooter here. He says yes. I say no!

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