Yankee Doodle has a disease

Do you know they still have THE PLAGUE in India?  Yes, the plague.  And not just any plague, the BUBONIC plague.  You know, the one that wiped out HALF OF EUROPE, the one in Monty Python (“I am not dead yet”, go watch the movie).

“La peste”, Albert Camus wrote a book about it.

The black plague.  Google it, it’s not pretty.

And they have leprosy.  Le-pro-sy.  They have over 1000 leper colonies.

And they still have polio.  And cholera. And dengue fever.  And malaria, yellow fever, bird flu, and rabies.

So I wrote a song.  Please sing with me, to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

Erick moved to India
Brought his little sweetie
They settled in Hyderabad
With their little kitties
Stayed away from the water
Brushed their teeth with whisky
Did not want yellow fever
And not even leprosy
Virus, polio, bacteria            
Dengue fever, rabies                        
Get your shots for cholera
And may the plague be hist’ry
Dengue fever will kill you
When skeeters find you tasty
And if the dogs do chomp on you
They give you nasty rabies

I am not worried one bit.  These are rare diseases, and all of them are treatable today.  And to be fair, many of them are also found close to home.  There was a case of non-imported plague in the US a few years back (traced to prairie dogs I believe), a teenage boy died of rabies in our hometown, and we have West Nile virus in our state.

Disclaimer: this is all from my readings, I do not guarantee, nor do I care about, the accuracy of any of the above!

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